Perennial Blossoms

I want to reach inside myself and find perennial blossoms, butterflies, and next times living and breathing in the sunlight cast by my eyes when I name each butterfly; hope courage belief, and every flower; love time forgiveness, and every next time; tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow.


Resting Place

In darkness shrouded in midnight the bed beneath my shattered bones doubles in size, California wide. Nyx chills the sheets with her silver touch, waves of ice I curl my fists into as Hypnos fails to wrap me in arms of warmth and slumber. I feel small and this cavern feels empty. I am nothing … Continue reading Resting Place


Time has slowed down today. I have left my body, I float like sea foam, while my skin and bones operate as they believe they should. I’ve offered up my services to gods and to loved ones because every bone in my body is selfish. Each one wants to feel joy; to catch endorphins in … Continue reading Clouds


I used to believe in abracadabra magic; white rabbits from hats, ribbons from shirt sleeves, coins from behind my ear, children’s party make believe; dragons and princesses, tall towers and treehouses, and the way the wind blows whispers when you are small and slight with dreams dripping on your brow and in the crooks of … Continue reading Whirligig