My Screaming Twenties

This is an outlet, a platform, a bucket list. A home, if you will, for anything and everything I create in my twenties.


My name is Kristiana and I write sporadically. I wish I was disciplined and wrote everyday; even posted everyday but I don’t. I’ve made promises to do so and I have failed every time.

Therefore, here are a list of things to expect from this blog, for when I do post:

  1. Not every piece has been drafted and re-drafted; being spontaneous, I write off the cuff and often post a few minutes after the fact.
  2. I am working on the lack of editing/re-drafting. I’m trying to be more polished but I’ll admit there will be some shoddy poems sprinkled throughout!
  3. I do not always write poetry. Sometimes it is stories, responses to prompts or just, thoughts.
  4. The subject of my writing can often, always, be linked to mental health in some way. I write sporadically because my writing is a product. Thus, many pieces are brushed with the colours I mix on days my mind is not at its best.
  5. I’d like to think I write about mental health, healthily. If only to remind others they are not alone.
  6. I am an English teacher – so expect to see this fact littered across other blogger’s comment sections as I revel in their artistry. This fact also inspires some of my writing too.
  7. When I do not post, it is not because I have stopped. I always have notes, lines and words floating about in the clouds and in my iCloud; sometimes they just take time to take a form I am happy to share.
  8. I love to hear from readers – your thoughts, constructive criticism and smiley faces.


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