My Screaming Twenties

This is an outlet, a platform, a bucket list. A home, if you will, for anything and everything I create in my twenties.


Project: The Milk of Human Kindness.

This writing project will run until the end of September.

What is it?

With this project, I endeavour to write and share the writing of others, about humanity at its lowest and finest. Poems, prose and essays which will range from being humorous, heartwarming and heartbreaking, all to celebrate and own the humanity we have seen attacked, time and time again.


If you would like to submit a piece of yours:


Attach a copy of your submission and in the email tell me your name/pen name, your motivation for writing/submitting to the project and leave a link to your site or blog if applicable.

All rights will remain with the author.


Pieces should capture humanity in some way; whether it be a random act of kindness, story of struggle or a snapshot of daily life.

I will be posting pieces on Wednesday and Sunday evenings (BST), weekly.

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