Weeks upon weeks,

Fold after fold,

Creases and “Jesus”,

Jack and the beanstalk.


A huff in the morning,

A puff by noon,

A sigh in the evening

and the pile another two inches high.


It’s a task, a farce,

Who needs neatness anyway?

Yet I cannot bear the sight

any longer, this mountain to climb.


I thought a nap might help

Or defeating the pile of cups and plates,

There it remains,

Ugly and lavender fresh.


Denial and domestic disillusionment reign

but perhaps if I write about it,

I’ll actually tackle the pain.



Day 19 –ย Imagine yourself doing any household task/chore, then write a poem using what youโ€™ve imagined as an extended metaphor for writing.

Day 18 – Library Lesson


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