Time grew thin

when you decided to leave.

Cheeks shrivelled to dark hallows

of passing minutes

when I watched you clear the closet,

fraying the cotton at my knees.

Skin shrunk in seconds

when you turned your back,

the shoulders and hands,

I used to kiss

as if you were a prince.

Time waddled on gaunt legs

when you thought it was now

or never to flee.

Arms so boney they could snap

when you posted the key

to my house which bore

no fruit.


I decided to alter Day 6 from using lines from your recent Facebook status to using the first line of the first song which appears on shuffle.

Day 6 – Go to a playlist or simply your music library and begin playing the music on shuffle. Use the words from the first line of the third song which plays in your poem. They cannot be used in the same, exact order as the song. 

Song: Sorry I’m Not Sorry – Tessa Violet

Words: you, were, a prince, or, so, I, thought

Day 5 – Lemons


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