Amongst hues of copper, lilac and mange tout

flittering balls of feather and dust

call and sing, dance in the wind.

I wonder if they mind the chatter

the clatter, over one another?


Beneath boughs and above leaves

feathers puff, beaks thrust and

fingernail wings wave in ecstasy

for sex, no rest.


To you, to me, bird song carries

lightly on a gust of woodland air,

To them, flitting to and fro,

It parries, attempts to marry

the bird next door.


Of course it matters,

Their chatter is ambitious, aggressive,

Mating in the wild is vicious

never precious.


Yet to you, to me, bird song

lifts our spirits, links our fingers and

amongst the hues of copper, lilac and mange tout,

I fall in love with you.