Steaming bliss, dreaming of a kiss, agitated and frustrated, perched on the edge. A thirty minute journey, the views slowing down, cue the clatter of cutlery, but muted by a smile.   A hush descends on carriage B, or is it only me?   Aboard the fastest freight train, my gaze never blurred, the skin … Continue reading Rail-Romance


Daddy’s Weekend – Response

My father's response to my poem Daddy's Weekend.   My girl who sat on the pew I know the girl who sat on the pew. There was no wonder, It should have been any pink, white and or blue. Pigtails of red hue, I wish I hadn’t let you dangle your shoe. In truth, I … Continue reading Daddy’s Weekend – Response


Two handfuls of heartbreak and hope. ______________________ Day 12 - Tell your life story in six words Day 11 - 23 ______________________ For the challenge, click here.


23  in 23 days Wishes and blows Yet no childish Ribbons and bows Love in all corners Happiness sewn into the seams. Life lessons Too many worth mentioning Unworn trousers Compromises And spaces. Space To breathe To hide To love Make love. Two decades Handfuls Of heartbreak and champagne to 24.   ____________________________ Day 11 … Continue reading 23


I've struggled To write this Compose This Myself Into something more Than painful memory Into more than Mother's shock and horror Sympathetic stares and Uneducated quips of 'Finding myself'.   There is nothing Nothing to find At the bottom Of a barrel In the barrel Of a shotgun Nor in between the train tracks Into … Continue reading Numb