Anything But Ordinary

The tender age of thirteen and grunge, grime and grey eyeshadow defined me. Pegged me tightly into a hole, type cast and left there to mature. To phase into adulthood with only bangs and black kohl to cling onto. For twenty four months, Avril Lavigne's 'Anything But Ordinary' lit the fire in my stomach. Fire … Continue reading Anything But Ordinary


A Throwaway Comment

Mottled purple to bluish hues mesh behind my chest, Blood boils and bumps from rib to rib, A screech bubbles in my throat, Threatens to spit venom you've provoked. Love interchanging with hate, Pink blush bursting into seething red mist. All I wanted to do was sleep.


A response to Katherine Mansfield’s ‘A Married Man’s Story’ (1923). You perch at your writing desk, fingertips barely connecting with the polished wood. Every night, you assume I cannot feel you, beady eyed and silent, watching me, instead of writing. You assume with babe in arm and a sideboard of dishes, I couldn’t possibly know … Continue reading Autumn


I wrapped her exercise book in a plastic cover, A belated shield for the patchwork stains and damp riddled corners.  Saturated in smoke, blue margins  and lines form a cigarette smile. How much do her little lungs hold, If the very pages of her future are steeped in poison? I wrapped her exercise book in … Continue reading Passive