Tracing outlines on the ceiling,

Of your face, her face,

Just so you can watch

My silent screams, in the bed below,

Lying alone, a shattered starfish,

Each exhausted piece,

Curling up,

To sleep a hundred years,

A beauty reduced to tears.
A woman so cherished, beyond compare

Laid out to bare,

To every spiteful snipe,

Bellowed from the smoking nostrils

Of the reformed man,

Believing he’s kicked the can.
Disappointment here, disappointment there,

Frowning faces, ugly stares,

Always one to turn my head,

Walk away,

Not today.
Sick of shouting into the wind,

Words battering your chest,

Rarely piercing your heart,

Next time it’ll be a poison dart.
Retire your lies,

Open your eyes,

To a daughter in despair,

The world’s already her oyster,

Sheอ›ll never ask for more,

Just a helping hand,

As she sails a rocky current to her destined shore.